The ZWEI Wealth

We do not accept compensation from banks, wealth managers or other financial service providers.

We ensure transparency and enable competition, we highlight flaws and deficits in the industry and aim at eliminating them.

We love what we do.

Goal-based asset allocation model

Far beyond conventional portfolios

The ZWEI asset allocation model combines empirical and scientific insights in a new format.

The methodology is based on:
  • Liquidity planning
  • Client preferences and investment principles
  • Investment allocation models
  • No investment return forecasting

Tender platform

An open marketplace

The ZWEI platform is the largest open marketplace for wealth managers.

The platform comprises of:
  • Over 400 banks and wealth managers
  • In five different financial centres (Geneva, Zurich, London, Milan, Singapore)

Manager Rating

Unique rating for wealth managers

ZWEI continuously assesses over 400 banks and financial consultants. 

The evaluations are based on:
  • Quantitative evaluations
  • Qualitative evaluations

Benchmarking system

Comparability based on comprehensive data

The benchmarking system includes the most comprehensive data set for comparing portfolios in wealth management. 

The data set distinguishes between the following categories:
  • Returns
  • Risks
  • Costs
  • Investment strategy

Knowledge centre

Independent research and knowledge sharing

The ZWEI knowledge centre engages in independent wealth management research and analysis. 

The centre offers:
  • ZWEI-insights research publication
  • Annual transparency report on wealth management
  • Analysis and research projects
  • Knowledge seminars for investors

Certified experts

Certified experts

A completely new type of consultant
With the ZWEI Wealth expert, we are establishing a new type of consultant in wealth management. 

The certification involves:
  • Ensuring the independence of banks and wealth managers
  • Complying with ZWEI consulting principles
  • Technical know-how
  • plan.find.control. competency tests

We set up a team according to your requirements

Qualified consultant

The ZWEI consultant handles all wealth management activities for you, from planning to controlling, and acts always in your best interest.

The best wealth managers

Specialised managers and experts in their field take care of the management of your assets.

A safe bank

One or more banks provide high quality banking and custody services.

Significantly better results

By strictly distinguishing between the three areas of activity, the results achieved are significantly better, achieved net returns are higher and overall costs are lower.

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The case for more modest economics

Klaus W. Wellershoff separates the wheat from the chaff and provides practical instruments to evaluate the development of the economy and financial markets.

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ZWEI Wealth handbook

The handbook provides readers with a closer look at the analyses and approaches behind the ZWEI Wealth ecosystem.

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Wealth management transparency report 2022

This annual analysis provides a comprehensive overview of the development of services in wealth management. 

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