Alberto Cominetti

Alberto Cominetti is since July 2016 Partner at ZWEI Wealth. In addition, he is specialized and contact point for Foundations, Endowments and NPOs («Non-Profit Organizations»).


In supporting clients, he passionately believes in sustainable solutions that are following the ESG principles («Environmental, social and governance») based on the UN 17 SDGs («sustainable development goals»). For Alberto Ethics, Morality and «Socially Responsible Investing» are the basics of the sustainability.

Education and Experience

Alberto Cominetti holds a Master Degree from The University of Zurich (UZH), specialized in «Banking and Finance». Alberto has been working for 25 years in the wealth management sector. He has had roles as leader and consultant in the domestic and international market. He is specialized in «Investment Management» and «Wealth Management Structuring».

Linguistic proficiency

English, German, Italian, French


Alberto is married and the father of three children. As a board member of the Synapsis Foundation, he supports the finances for research for Alzheimer and similar neurodegenerative diseases. His Life Motto is «Life is short, stay awake and focused for it.» ® by Caribou Coffee Company, Inc. with an additive