Patrick Müller

Patrick Müller is CEO and Member of the Board of ZWEI Wealth. Together with Klaus Wellershoff, he founded ZWEI Wealth in 2014.


Swiss private banking has a long tradition. Unfortunately, its reputation has suffered over the past decade, often even rightly so. Patrick’s ambition is to make a significant contribution to improving services in the Swiss financial center. "The benefit of a service is measured only in the eye of the customer."

Education and professional career

Patrick Müller holds a Master Degree from the University St. Gallen (HSG). In the past 17 years, Patrick Müller held several functions within the financial industry (Credit Suisse, UBS). In particular, he was in charge of establishing a philanthropic foundation and of the market leadership for Israel and Africa. Additionally, as Head of Sales & Marketing Patrick Müller was responsible for the development and marketing of investment solutions.

Language Skills

German, English, French


Patrick Müller is married and has two children. He is interested in world history. With the family-owned restaurant, he is also connected to the hospitality industry and the culture of good cooking.

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