«A solution which is truly unique in the world of private banking»


An interview with Meir Baron, Partner at ZWEI Wealth (Israel)

You became partner at ZWEI Wealth. What made you join ZWEI Wealth initially?

I joined ZWEI for two reasons. Number one, it was established and managed by two people who I highly value professionally. Number two, ZWEI provides a very unique solution for clients in the private banking world.


How would you describe good wealth management?

Good wealth management is achieved by correctly and thoroughly identifying customer needs and sewing a service suit that meets their current and future needs. Furthermore, it needs to be completely free of conflicts of interest between the service provider and the customer.


What is the big advantage for a customer working with ZWEI Wealth?

Let me answer very short. With ZWEI, every client can benefit from and enjoy a solution which is unique in the private banking world.


And ultimately, some either or questions:

  • Performance or Risk? Performance
  • ETF or single stocks? ETF
  • Apple or Google? Apple
  • Beer or wine? Red wine
  • Cinema or Netflix? Both
  • Fast or precise? Precise