Everyone can benefit from the ZWEI Ecosystem


Private Wealth Management needs to get better. ZWEI Wealth gives every investor the opportunity to freely combine the best offers in the marketplace and to significantly improve the way their assets are managed. ZWEI Wealth does this for clients, but also gives free support.

How can you benefit

Become a client: With the modules plan.find.control., the ZWEI Wealth team creates the ideal asset architecture for clients, helps them find the most suitable asset managers in their own "Beauty Contest", and verifies that managers work well.

Start with ZWEI Wealth (free of charge): Compare for yourself whether your asset manager works well: we offer you an individual comparison for the performance of your portfolio. Or be your own consultant: we provide templates for some important aspects of our services (plan.find.control.). So you can lay the foundation for better management of your assets yourself. What are important aspects of your “investment regulation”, what questions should you consider when choosing an asset manager and what needs to be considered, when controlling the results.

If you have any questions you can always contact your personal advisor.