Find the best asset manager for each of your portfolios.

There are thousands of asset managers and even more offered solutions. But how do you know who is good and which is the right offer for you? This is exactly what is now possible with find. - transparently and completely independently.

This is how it works

Regardless of which investment solution you are looking for, a ZWEI consultant will organize and guide the selection process for you. In an request for proposal, offers from banks and asset managers are obtained on the ZWEI platform. The offers are evaluated for you and the most suitable asset manager is selected.

  • Definition of the request for proposal (RfP) and start of the tender
  • Analysis of the offers and summary of the recommendations in a report
  • Organization of a beauty contest with the best asset managers
  • Implementation (including price negotiations) of the chosen solution and final inspection after six months

Your advantages

The ZWEI platform is the only true open marketplace for investors. The platform includes over 400 banks and asset managers in 5 different financial centers (Geneva, Zurich, London, Milan, Singapore).

  • Better: Thanks to the unique tender platform of ZWEI Wealth, the best asset managers are found, regardless of whether they are large institutions or small specialty providers.
  • Full transparency: The ZWEI methodology makes the offers transparent and comparable in a form that you will not find anywhere else
  • Better pricing: The platform is completely independent of banks and asset managers and payments from these are not allowed. In this way you achieve significantly better conditions.


See price table for details. We are happy to provide you with a personal offer including further details. 

You can find further details and examples on the side. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and advice (e-mail request).