«I only want to sit on the side of the client»


An interview with Amir Eshel, Partner ZWEI Wealth (Israel)

ZWEI: You became partner at ZWEI Wealth. What made you join ZWEI Wealth initially?

Amir: I am a big believer in transparency and working on the side of the client. This is what the ZWEI DNA is all about and what made me joining.


How would you describe good wealth management?

Good wealth management is to a) learn and deeply understand the goals and needs of the client, b) to find solutions matching him/her best and c) ensuring that the real needs and goals of the client are really met. At ZWEI, we call this plan.find.control.


What is the big advantage for a customer working with ZWEI Wealth?

The client profits from a transparency never seen before. This puts him/her in the driver seat and enables clients to draw the right conclusions. What we observe is that suddenly the clients do no more need to blindly trust but do somewhat even have more information than the banks.



Finally some either or questions:

  • Performance or Risk? Clearly risk
  • ETF or single stocks? I like ETFs
  • Apple or Google? Apple is to be preferred
  • Beer or win? Allow me a joker, both
  • Cinema or Netflix? I still prefer the experience of a cinema
  • Fast or precise? Fast