Return is not a goal! These are the most common goals of private investors


The definition of goals is fundamental to the management of assets. But what are the goals of private investors? A new analysis by ZWEI Wealth shows two things: return in itself is not a goal for private investors and for over 90% of private investors the goals are insufficiently defined. An intriguing starting point for improvement.

What is the objective of asset management? A seemingly harmless question only becomes really interesting at second glance. Because it quickly becomes clear that "return" is not a suitable goal. But what is? In an analysis, ZWEI Wealth examined the investment regulations of 126 private investors with regard to the listed goals.


We must learn to understand asset management as a goal-based process. If this does not succeed, customer orientation will remain unattainable.


The following list (see also the graph above) shows the most frequently set goals in summary form:

  • Ensuring current standard of living (100%)
  • Support of the next generation (56%)
  • Promoting entrepreneurship (43%)
  • Preserve family wealth (28%)
  • Preparing for retirement (26%)
  • Enabling the achievement of social and environmental objectives (18%)


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