«The importance of transparency and data increases increases also in wealth management»


An interview with Ori Sharoni, Partner ZWEI Wealth (Israel)

You became partner at ZWEI Wealth. What made you join the network of ZWEI Wealth initially?


After many years in the industry and seeing the direction the world of money management is taking, I understood things had to change. The ZWEI Wealth approach of using big data and fintech to give its clients the best transparency concerning their investments and by doing allowing them to take good decisions for their benefit was the key reason for joining ZWEI.


How would you describe good wealth management?


A good wealth management solution is one that understands its clients inside out – their needs and wishes for the short and long term and accommodates them with minimum risk. I truly believe that good wealth management needs to combine finance and technology in the best interest of the client.


What is the big advantage for a customer working with ZWEI Wealth?


Being able to understand in a clear and simple way the risk and return that is involved in their portfolios.


Finally some either or questions/ Zum Schluss noch ein paar Entweder-oder-Fragen:

  • Performance or Risk? Understanding risk is key
  • ETF or single stocks? Neither nor – a proper portfolio structure is more important
  • Apple or Google? Google
  • Beer or wine? Beer at the beach, wine at dinner
  • Cinema or Netflix? Both
  • Fast or precise? Precise