The ZWEI Wealth Codex


The ZWEI Wealth System sets a new standard for wealth management. The system enables investors to act freely in their favor, regardless of individual banks, asset managers and other providers. The basic requirement for this is a new codex that applies to the ZWEI Wealth System.

# 1 - Independent advice

Consultants are paid only by clients and do not receive any payments from banks and asset managers.

➙ As an investor, you can rely on the advice you need.


# 2 - transparency

All service providers guarantee full transparency regarding returns, risks, costs and other relevant factors.

➙ As an investor, you can rely on the completeness and authenticity of the information.


# 3 - competition

All providers face the competitive process with an offer and ongoing benchmarking.

➙ As an investor, you are guaranteed to see the best offers currently available and to make adjustments where necessary.


# 4 - privacy

Each client can maintain investment regulations that are independent of banks and asset managers. The providers only have limited access to information relevant to them.

➙ As an investor, you have sovereignty over your own data and are optimally protected against misuse.


# 5 - collaboration

The providers are committed to open and constructive cooperation with all service providers specified by the customer.

➙ As an investor, you benefit from specialist knowledge and a professional separation of powers between providers.