Wealth under pressure - an assessment


The effects of the corona pandemic have also led to high levels of uncertainty and fluctuations in the financial markets. At the end of the first quarter, we can draw a first conclusion on the results achieved wealth managers. In summary: many managers have been caught on the wrong foot - especially when managing portfolios with a conservative risk profile. But what do comparatively good results look like in these very difficult circumstances?

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Of course, a quarter is not enough to reliably assess the performance of an asset manager. It is recommended to look at a longer observation period before drawing a conclusion. However, most people tend to wait far too long even though they sense that it develops in the wrong direction. Therefore, it is important to highlight that the good wealth managers can indeed be selected and the bad ones are exposed during a review. If you are interested in further details, please refer to our audit report.



About the analysis

ZWEI Wealth continuously analyses the results of a large number of wealth managers and banks in various risk categories. Both the most common strategies of the largest providers and mandate portfolios in the Swiss market are considered.

  • Median / Maximum / Minimum: Median or maximum or minimum achieved performance of the survey in the respective risk category
  • Passive benchmark: A simple, investable and therefore replicable passive portfolio consisting of a few building blocks (global equities, Swiss equities, global bonds, Swiss bonds) in various risk categories



FI: Fixed Income (equity share) / I: Income / Y: Yield / B: Balanced / G: Growth / E: Equity