What is a Wealth Office

With ZWEI Wealth, every investor can set up a professional Wealth Office today, as was previously only feasible for very wealthy clients. A wealth office manages wealth matters for individuals, groups or institutions. The Wealth Office acts as a central contact point which coordinates all activities from planning (plan.), implementation (find.) to control (control.) and ensures the interests of the clients in dealings with banks and asset managers at all times.

The typical tasks of a Wealth Office:

  • Organisation / Central coordination of wealth matters including establishing and managing the private investment committee
  • plan. / Development and maintenance of wealth planning including defining the investment strategy and controlling the achievement of objectives
  • find. / Search and ongoing assurance of the most suitable banking and management solutions and assessment of new investment proposals
  • control. / Consolidated reporting and monitoring with review of results, costs and negotiation of preferred conditions with banks and asset managers

Frequently asked questions

A Wealth Office already makes sense for assets of USD 1 million. As soon as multiple banks and different assets are involved, a wealth office creates very significant added value.  

The opposite is the case. Experience shows that the total costs of asset management decrease significantly with a Wealth Office. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that many fees can be reduced or avoided through the negotiating power as a Wealth Office and cost transparency. On the other hand, the Wealth Office takes over activities which are no longer carried out by the bank or the asset manager, which can therefore offer better prices.

It is essential that the fee for the Wealth Office is charged separately to the client. If the fee were charged by the asset manager or the bank, the independence of the Wealth Office would no longer be guaranteed.

In principle, the Wealth Office operates in a similar way to a family office. A family office usually relies on its own specialists and works with a limited number of providers. The Wealth Office, on the other hand, follows the principle of the open network.