Switzerland turns into the most transparent and competitive asset management market


After four years of development, the new ZWEI Wealth Ecosystem for asset management is officially being launched on the 5th March 2019. With a tender platform, manager ratings, benchmarking data and a variety of other tools, every investor is now able to find the right wealth management solution and to keep a close eye on banks and asset managers with the assistance of specially certified experts. This makes Switzerland the first transparent and probably most competitive market for asset management worldwide.

The market for asset management is one of the least transparent markets in the economy – a circumstance which not only applies to Switzerland but also to the rest of the world. So it should come as no surprise that over the last few decades a large number of bad practices have established themselves. As long as there is no functioning market with transparency and objective market makers, innovations and good services will continue to be hard to come by.


This is a revolution in private banking.
The launch of ZWEI Wealth will act as a catalyst and revitalize Swiss private banking. 

Prof Dr Klaus Wellershoff
Chairman ZWEI Wealth


This is where ZWEI Wealth comes in. The Ecosystem creates a market where there is none. It creates the necessary transparency in the market and informs. This ensures that investors have more information at their disposal than providers. Because we believe that asset management services must and can become much better.

Information event

Wednesday, 13thof March 2019
Widder Hotel
Entrance from Augustinergasse 24, Zurich

Open Day

Thursday, 16thof May 2019
Offices ZWEI Wealth
Bahnhofstrasse 12, Zurich