Andreas Bonschak

Career and education

Dr. Andreas Bonschak, LL.M. is the founder of the professional services companies GELDBLICK, a financial portal for high net worth individuals (also managing director), SMARTFAMILYOFFICE, a wealth management consultancy for high net worth families and foundations, as well as GROWTHWERK and PRIVATBANK-CONSULTING, where he advises companies as a management consultant.

Trained as a lawyer in Austria and New York, he began as a management consultant at McKinsey, focusing on financial companies. He then worked at Erste Bank, most recently as head of strategy for the private banking division. Since 2016, he has been self-employed as an entrepreneur.


Born in 1973 in Bregenz, Vorarlberg, Austria, Andreas lives now in Vienna with his daughter. He spends his free time with family, sports, reading, traveling, and photography / video.