Peter Schmid

Peter Schmid is an independent partner and member of the advisory board of ZWEI Wealth. He works on client mandates and supports ZWEI Wealth actively in the development and implementation of the growth strategy.


For clients it is key that their goals are aligned with the goals of their advisor. Therefore, more and more clients are looking for truly independent advisors and are not trusting their banks the same as in the past. We are seeing a separation of the different services advice, wealth management, custody and transactions, no provider can be a leader in all dimensions. Many banks are only focused on the profit and the revenues of the next quarter, which in many cases is not aligned with the long-term interests of their clients. That is one reason why clients are searching for independent advisors. ZWEI Wealth is only committed to the goals of their clients and supports their clients in the choice of the best providers for the different services. Also, ZWEI Wealth ensures that clients receive an attractive pricing, full transparency, and a periodic comparison of the performance of the providers they have chosen.

Education and professional career

Peter Schmid was CEO of a Swiss Private Bank and Head of Northern- and Central Europe for the Wealth Management of a large European bank. At the leading Swiss bank, he was responsible for the market Germany as well as for global marketing and sales development. Peter Schmid studied at the University of St. Gallen and holds an MBA and PhD.

Language Skills

German, English, and French


Peter is married and father of 3 children. He is interested in global politics and economic developments. He is fascinated by aviation and enjoys visiting concerts as well as active and passive sports (ski, hockey, and football).