The Wealth Office platform is ready for use in the UK


ZWEI Wealth has enhanced its own platform to start the expansion in the UK. The Wealth Office services are now available in British pounds and for customers and providers in the UK. More than 50 new banks and asset managers from the UK are expected to be active on the platform by the end of the year.

The expansion of ZWEI Wealth into the UK, announced for the end of the year, has got off to a successful start. The digital platform has now been enhanced with functionalities in British pounds and the first 11 banks and asset managers from the UK are connected. “The response from banks and asset managers in the UK is even better than expected. The wealth office platform is receiving a very positive response,” says Cyrill Moser (Head Provider Management). Banks and asset managers from the UK can now register free of charge, enter offers and win new customers through tenders. The onboarding of the first 50 banks and asset managers should be completed by the end of the year.

Nothing now stands in the way of the official starting signal for customers in the UK. “We are pleased to launch the innovative wealth office services with partners in London and the surrounding area,” say Matthias Lehmann (Head Markets) and Pascal Eyholzer (Head UK).