ZWEI Wealth – Independence

Wealth management is among the least transparent industries. ZWEI Wealth makes it possible for the first time to significantly increase the transparency of services, offers and costs for investors and creates an environment in which investors have more information at their disposal than banks and asset managers. By doing so, ZWEI Wealth has established itself as a partner and independent authority for investors, banks and wealth managers alike.

The roots of ZWEI

In 2014, the original idea was to establish a consultancy for wealth management, completely independent of financial service providers and products. Over the years, an entire ecosystem has evolved which is constantly being developed and expanded further. Today, ZWEI Wealth is the largest independent ecosystem in wealth management. As per the initial principle, this ecosystem is completely independent of banks, asset managers and other providers. 

Patrick Müller, CEO, Co-Founder, Senior Expert
Prof. Dr. Klaus W. Wellershoff, Chairman of the Board

The ZWEI Wealth network

ZWEI Wealth Experts AG is the legal entity and owner of the ZWEI Wealth ecosystem. Affiliated consultants can operate through their own legal units in a franchise relationship, or as ZWEI employees. The shareholders of ZWEI Wealth Experts AG are exclusively its board members, employees and consultants. 

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ZWEI Wealth Experts AG

Board members
  • Chair
    Prof. Dr. Klaus Wellershoff
  • Board members
    Patrick Müller, Peter Schmid
  • Advisory Board
    Fleur Platow, Tarkan Özküp, Peter Schmid (Chair), Pascal Föhn, Andrew Hall, Cornelia Harder
Executive board
  • CEO
    Patrick Müller
  • COO
    Andrea Schlapbach
  • Operations + IT
    Kevin Graf
  • Clients
    Paul Stäheli
  • Providers
    Cyrill Moser
  • Marketing
    Nadeschda Hoidn Wiede
  • Platform Services
    Pascal Frei
  • Markets
    Matthias Lehmann


  • Arkwood GmbH
    James Wood
  • Cominetti International
    Alberto Cominetti
  • Peter Leber Finanzzweigwerk
    Peter Leber
  • Poschung Consulting
    Daniel Poschung
  • gmbh
    Ruedi Baumgartner
  • Optifolio AG
    Rolf Künzler
  • Isabelle Röher
    Isabelle Röher
  • Nadeschda Hoidn Wiede
    Nadeschda Hoidn Wiede
  • Ferg Coaching & Consulting
    Sascha Ferg
  • ZWEI Wealth Suisse Romand SA
    Jean-Daniel Debons
  • Robert Tschiemer
    Robert Tschiemer
  • Andreas J. Schlegel
    Andreas J. Schlegel
  • Peter Schmid
    Peter Schmid
  • Ralph Kleeb
    Ralph Kleeb
  • Mirco Colombo
    Mirco Colombo
  • Lionel Tschudi
    Lionel Tschudi
  • Heinrich Hugenschmidt
    Heinrich Hugenschmidt
  • Petra Oeschger
    Petra Oeschger
  • Kevin Jud
    Kevin Jud
  • Dominique Schulthess
    Dominique Schulthess
  • Pascal Eyholzer
    Pascal Eyholzer
  • Lisa Kaufmann Cicala
    Lisa Kaufmann Cicala
  • Luca Studer
    Luca Studer
  • Mathias Rohr
    Mathias Rohr
  • Daniel Hug
    Daniel Hug
  • Patrick Küssenberger
    Patrick Küssenberger
  • Loris Capoferri
    Loris Capoferri
  • Nicolas Debons
    Nicolas Debons
  • Olivier Ruch
    Olivier Ruch
  • B-E-S (Israel)
    Meir Baron, Amir Eshel, Ori Sharoni
  • Sergije Frangeš
    Sergije Frangeš
  • Ekaterina Tattersall
    Ekaterina Tattersall
  • Heinrich Hugenschmidt
    Heinrich Hugenschmidt
  • Pascal Eyholzer
    Pascal Eyholzer

Affiliate partners

  • Hans Münch
    Hans Münch
  • Frédéric Luyet
    Frédéric Luyet
  • Michele Cutruneo
    Michele Cutruneo
  • Uri Krausz
    Toledo Capital AG
  • Alberto Aliprandi
    Alberto Aliprandi
    Andreas Bonschak