A meaningful framework for your wealth

The Wealth Office creates a meaningful framework for your wealth – regardless of which banks or asset managers you work with today or would like to work in the future.

My ZWEI system

We take care of all your wealth matters from A to Z for you. This includes the following services:

  • Year-round care of your assets by a personal advisor
  • plan. / Development and maintenance of your investment regulations
  • find. / Search for banking and administrative solutions and assessment of investment proposals
  • control. / Checking the results, costs and ensuring target achievement
  • Individualized reporting and monitoring
  • Establish and manage your private investment committee
  • Negotiation of preferential terms with banks and asset managers


Assets under advice (in mio)
  1 5 10 20 50 100 500
Annual fee 0.65% 0.40% 0.35% 0.25% 0.21% 0.19% 0.15%

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How should I invest my wealth in the most suitable way for me?

Good wealth planning connects your investment portfolios with your life while allowing enough flexibility to respond to changes ahead. At ZWEI Wealth, a planning team develops the wealth architecture most suitable for you. The investment strategy and guidelines are summarised in a personal investment regulation and serve as a basis for your wealth management – today and in the future.

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Which bank and which wealth manager is best suited to meet my requirements?

Investing works best by identifying optimal solutions and competent managers. At ZWEI Wealth, this happens in two steps. Using our proprietary tender platform, we identify the offers best meeting your requirements. Only the best offers enter the beauty contest with you, at which point personal fit determines the winner.

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How can I be sure that my objectives and goals are being met? 

Your ZWEI consultant ensures that your assets are consistently monitored. In the process, ZWEI coordinates all necessary activities directly with your bank and asset managers and assess the results for you. Your ZWEI consultant regularly holds private investment committees with you. There we discuss important decisions and steer the achievement of your life’s investment goals in line with your objectives.

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