Interview with Kevin Jud: " 100% commitment every day"


Kevin Jud has been a partner at ZWEI Wealth since March 2022. As a Wealth Office expert, he is directly involved in client mandates and projects.

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What made you decide to join ZWEI Wealth?

After the first discussion with ZWEI Wealth, I was already completely convinced by the concept and, above all, by the people behind it: innovative wealth management with personal advice that puts the individual interests of the clients in the centre of attention. ZWEI Wealth thus represents the values that I consider important for a successful cooperation. In addition, ZWEI Wealth is goal-oriented, dynamic and absolutely transparent towards all parties involved. This gives me the opportunity to prove myself in a very competitive environment and to continuously develop with the support of the experienced partners.

What defines good asset management for you?

The needs, interests and goals of the clients must ALWAYS come first. This is the only way to create an individual and tailor-made offer for all clients. In addition to individual service, for me personally, simplicity is a second central component of good asset management. The financial industry is very complex and this complexity must be presented to clients in a simple and understandable way. So that clients always understand what is happening with their assets.

Is there a topic in wealth management that is particularly close to your heart?

For me, wealth management conveyed the image of a confusing and non-transparent market. Since I started at ZWEI Wealth, I can say with conviction that we are creating a fair and transparent market in wealth management. Thanks to our platform, where more than 400 banks and asset managers are registered, we create a clear market for clients on the one hand, where every provider can make an offer. On the other hand, we create fair competition by comparing the different providers and presenting the best offers to the client at the end. Through this process, we offer our clients an optimal result and make wealth management clearer and more transparent.

Where do you see your personal strengths?

As a professional athlete, I learned to constantly develop and assert myself in a wide variety of situations. In addition, I gained valuable experience in dealing with pressure situations in order to continue to deliver my best possible performance and to always keep an overview. Giving 100% commitment every day and always exhausting one's performance potential is an enormous challenge and requires a lot of discipline, which I will take with me from my time as a professional athlete. I also pursue these qualities in my professional career.

Finally, a some either-or questions:

Return or risk? Risk - but you have to know the risk and assess it correctly.

ETFs or single stocks? Single stocks - making a conscious and informed choice about something.

Apple or Google? Both companies have their strengths & weaknesses - depending on the application.

Beer or wine? Definitely wine - although beer is always drunk in the sports environment, I can't warm to it (yet).

Cinema or Netflix? Netflix - always available and the series marathon can be started comfortably on the sofa.

Fast or accurate? Fast - speed thrives on accuracy.