Monthly talk with Klaus W. Wellershoff - The latest assessments of the economic climate


"It's going as expected: interest rates are rising again and the economic indicators are crumbling. This is definitely not a good environment for the financial markets. While the job market and companies are still doing well, high inflation is eating up our purchasing power. As long as that doesn't change, it is hard to be optimistic."

The global economy in a downturn...

The gloomy news from the economy continues towards the end of the year. China remains in recession - despite support measures from the government in Beijing. While domestic demand had already been showing weakness for months, exports also surprised with negative figures in October. The decline in trade with the USA (-13 percent) and Europe (-9 percent) is particularly striking. The mood in Chinese industry is correspondingly gloomy, especially since the rising Corona case numbers have recently caused concern again...


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