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We empower individuals with a dedicated Wealth Office, providing them to take full control over their wealth. We are always insisting on excellence from asset managers, custody service providers and banks.

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Your personalised Wealth Office manages all your wealth activities independently and professionally.

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The digital portal provides you with a simple and transparent overview of your wealth.

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Frequently asked questions

A Wealth Office manages the wealth affairs of individuals, groups, or institutions. It serves as a central point of contact that coordinates all activities, from planning (plan.) to implementation (find.) to control (control.), always safeguarding clients' interests against banks and asset managers.

A Wealth Office is advantageous from CHF 1 million in wealth. When multiple banks and different assets are involved, a Wealth Office adds real value.

A Wealth Office costs between 0.1% and 0.65% per year, depending on the size of the wealth. The fees are billed separately to ensure 100% independence. However, overall wealth management costs decrease significantly due to the elimination of many cost factors, and clients benefit from preferential conditions with banks and managers.

The main responsibilities of a Wealth Office include wealth planning, selecting banks and managers and/or solutions, results monitoring, and administrative management of wealth activities.

Setting up a Wealth Office is quick and easy. Existing banking relationships are taken over, and a Wealth Officer analyzes the initial situation and existing portfolios. In the case of changes or new solutions, you will always be consulted.

You probably have many more questions, but you're not ready to meet a Wealth Officer just yet. We're here to answer your questions.

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CHF 7.8 Mrd.

of assets optimised


average increase in returns


average cost savings


analysed banks/providers


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