01 _ Prologue


Being rich - the meaning of this does not always appear to be obvious. Perhaps currently even less than usual. (Fleur Platow, Klaus Wellershoff, Tarkan Özküp, Andrea Schlapbach)

A few months ago, as the Advisory Board of ZWEI Wealth, we asked the question “what makes my life rich?”. We saw that there is only limited research in this area and the topic hardly takes up public space. We want to initiate the discussion now. With the outbreak of the Corona crisis, there may even be awareness and time for a reflection.


In the coming weeks we will invite people we know to contribute to the discussion with guest articles. But we would also like to motivate you to participate actively. With a survey you have the possibility to give your assessment or to even write your own reflection. More information can be found on the website www.zwei-we.ch/rich.


We thank you for your interest and are already looking forward to your contributions and articles.