Finally being there for the customer only!


An interview with Andreas Schlegel, partner at ZWEI Wealth

You became partner at ZWEI Wealth. What made you join ZWEI Wealth initially?

I have over 40 years of experience in investment consulting and asset management. There is everything but transparency when trying to find out what asset managers are best for particular clients' needs. Because there are such different requirements, there is no such thing as "the best asset management". The important assessment criterion is where to invest and the parameters: return, risk and costs. ZWEI Wealth offers a clear system of working out a client's requirements and then creating a market through an open invitation to tender, which makes it possible to find the best asset manager for specific requirements.


How would you describe good wealth management?

First of all, the purpose and period of time must be defined so that investment opportunities can be determined. Then, one or more investment strategies can be selected. Good asset management works according to a clearly defined strategy within set parameters, limiting possible risks and optimising the costs of the portfolio management, transactions and products.


Question about one of your special interests: What is strategic asset investment?

An asset should have a purpose. Owning alone does not enrich anyone except Scrooge McDuck. Security is only one issue. The ideal investment is one that provides a pleasant quality of life and also allows pleasure or satisfaction. Examples are education for children or grandchildren, a holiday home, special trips or sports, a little something for a close relative or the support of social services or artists. My goal is to identify the wishes of the customers and to find them suitable solutions.


What do you think is the big advantage of ZWEI Wealth for clients?

ZWEI Wealth offers the best service:

  • a broad and proven experience in working out a client's needs
  • the assignment of assets to goals and a schedule is the basis for investments and tendering
  • the realization and subsequent control with periodic checks
  • all with the sole focus on customer needs, at clear costs
  • without any conflicts of interest or hidden costs.

The client always retains control and flexibility to react according to circumstances or needs.


To conclude, a few "either-or" questions:

  • Performance or risk? Both criteria influence each other and must always be assessed together.
  • ETF (Index Tracker) or single stocks? Both are suitable depending on the requirements.
  • Apple or Google? Apple is a working system, Google is an information system. Both come from the USA: their marketing is better than what you get.
  • Sunrise or Swisscom? Depending on the current offer for my needs.
  • Beer or wine? From the vineyard, the pressing to the wine tasting, the enjoyment and good conversations with interesting people connect me more with wine and its culture.
  • Cinema or Netflix? Either way
  • Fast or accurate? As fast as possible and as accurate as possible, but please do not exaggerate.