Interview with Dominique Schulthess


Dominique Schulthess has been a partner at ZWEI Wealth since February 2022. As a Wealth Office expert, he is directly involved in the management of client mandates.

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You have joined ZWEI Wealth as a Partner. What made you decide on it?

I discovered ZWEI Wealth with the reading of its report on the performance of asset managers, a singular exercise in transparency in the world of Private Banking. Very interested, I wanted to know more about the activity and the offer of ZWEI Wealth. The more I learned, the more impressed I was by what I saw: an innovative offer in the world of asset management that seemed to me difficult to achieve until then for private clients.

Providing transparency on management costs and performance, while really aligning the interests of the advisor with those of the client: it is difficult not to be seduced as a professional or as a client. Helping to develop and disseminate this truly innovative model is an exciting adventure.

How would you define good wealth management today?

The good understanding of the needs and aspirations of the investor by his advisor remains an essential prerequisite.  As for professionalism and alignment of interests, they form the basis of trust in the relationship. Finally, it is now possible to have better access to information. The resulting increased transparency makes it possible to effectively optimize the net performance of investors' wealth management: this is a major development.

What do you think is the big advantage of ZWEI Wealth for clients?

ZWEI Wealth's model is based on total independence that allows advisory services to be disconnected from the sale of any financial product. This ensures alignment of the advisor's interests with those of the client. The result is a true partnership aimed at defining and obtain the most efficient and best suited solution to the specific needs of each investor.

For this model to work effectively and deliver on its promises, it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of the offer and performance of the different asset managers in the market. This capacity for independent analysis is at the heart of ZWEI Wealth's proposal. It makes it possible to always offer an objective, clear and detailed vision of the various offers in terms of asset management. The investor can thus easily access the most suitable and efficient offers. He is also able to effectively control the management of his assets over time and make any adjustments.

To conclude a few either-or questions :

Return or risk? Obtaining the best return for a well-understood and assumed risk

ETFs or individual stocks? Individual stocks for specific and clearly identified themes, ETFs in all other cases to ensure diversification and cost control.

Apple or Google? I really like Apple's ecosystem and customer focus

Sunrise or Swisscom? Swisscom, for the time being.

Beer or wine? Both, depending on the circumstances.

Cinema or Netflix? The experience provided by watching a good movie at a cinema remains unmatched.

Fast or accurate? Accurate, but as fast as possible...