Provider Newsletter July ‘23


Welcome to our new Provider Newsletter with updates and insights about our activities on the Wealth Office platform.

More than 140 RfPs in 2023

So far this year, we have launched over 140 RfP’s for new portfolios, more than during the whole of 2022.  Whilst the majority of searches remain Equity and Balanced risk profiles, we have seen an increase in demand for Yield and Fixed Income. Outside the private client business, we have worked on several pension fund searches in the Private Markets space. We have also welcomed 8 new ZWEI Wealth experts, increasing our reach into the Berne region and the institutional segment. The number of experts is now at 42 and another 10 are expected in the second half of the year.

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Mid-term: Portfolio returns compared

Half of the investment year is already over. Here you can find a comparison of returns from banks and asset managers. The comparative data help to transparently assess the banks' and asset managers' performance.

The first half of 2023 is exciting to read: very strong price gains at the start of the year, the euphoria in the context of the banking crisis ended and since then there has not been much movement apart from hopes for artificial intelligence. How have portfolio managers fared in this environment? A brief classification of the results:

  • Almost only positive returns: The vast majority of investment portfolios show a positive return for 2023. On the Wealth Office platform, 94% of portfolios show a positive return.

  • Clearly double-digit returns: The best returns on portfolios are well into double-digits. On the Wealth Office platform, the best-diversified investment portfolio achieves a return of +27.8% in 2023.

  • Very big differences: There is an average of 13.8 percentage points between the best and the worst results. In comparison, the portfolios on the Wealth Office platform achieved an annual outperformance of +1.8 percentage points compared to the market median.

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Standing Offers are widely used by experts

We have now over 300 Standing Offers on the Wealth Office platform and have started to allocate more and more wealth management searches also via this product feature. Year-to-date, searches worth over 100 mn CHF have involved Standing Offers.  If you don’t have any Standing Offers yet on the platform, you are missing an opportunity: Go to “Offers” -> “Create” and follow the easy steps.  

The latest offers on the Wealth Office Plattform

Banks and asset managers transparently present their best offers on the Wealth Office platform. Here you will find an overview of the latest offers.

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Investment Strategy – this is how the best Asset Managers are positioned

The investment strategy is and remains the most important success factor in asset management. Once a quarter we examine the investment strategies used by the successful wealth managers. The charts below summarize the portfolio managers' current strategy positioning. The analysis includes all investment portfolios of the different risk strategies recorded on the Wealth Office platform.

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Private Equity – an overview of the assessment and managers

Private equity has received a great deal of attention in the last decade and is playing an increasingly important role in financial market portfolios. Here you will find an overview and assessment of providers, results and fees.

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