Well advised before retiring

Nicole* is retiring soon. As an executive at a medium-sized company she has a large amount of assets in her pension fund. Half of assets she will convert into a pension, while she hopes to hand over the other half to a suitable wealth manager. After an initial consultation with each of her two banks she is more confused than before. She subsequently turns to ZWEI Wealth.

Nicole has been splitting her accounts, her mortgages and several investments between two banks for many years. So it does not come as a surprise that she would seek their advice concerning her imminent retirement. She is thinking about handing over part of her pension fund assets to a wealth manager and converting the rest in a pension. During her meetings with each bank, they present the bank’s wealth management options to her. But that only helps her to a point, so she turns to ZWEI Wealth.

ZWEI developed an investment strategy and an overview of the requirements her potential wealth managers must adhere to. ZWEI Wealth receives 22 offers for her wealth management portfolio and evaluates them. Nicole ultimately decides on a wealth manager that focuses on dividend-oriented investment strategies. The approach complements her pension payments perfectly. 

« Not until I consulted ZWEI Wealth did I feel capable of reaching a decision about my wealth management solution after retirement.” »


Facts & Figures

  • Assets of CHF 1.6m
  • Created a wealth plan
  • Received offers from 22 wealth managers
  • Selected a new wealth manager  
  • Portfolio generates returns to supplement pension
  • Annual management costs are 45% below the market average

* Name changed
This is a case study of a real-life client case.