The solid foundation for your wealth management.

The formulation of investment goals, the determination of values, the development of a financial plan, the organisation of the responsibilities and finally the definition of the portfolios and the appropriate investment strategy builds the solid foundation for a successful management of your wealth. The service plan. goes far beyond the classic approach of risk profiles and definition of investment strategies.

This is how it works

A planning team develops the appropriate wealth architecture with all the requirements for banks and managers. The details and findings are documented in the personal investment regulations.

  • Workshop to discuss the requirements and collect all necessary information
  • Presentation of architecture options (definition of investment goals, creation of financial planning, establishment of a catalog of values, setting up an organisation with responsibilities, detailed descriptions for each investment portfolio including investment strategy and catalog of requirements)
  • Elaboration of portfolio specifications based on the chosen wealth architecture
  • Documentation of the results as investment regulations with all necessary details

Your advantages

Thanks to the newly developed goal-based allocation model from ZWEI Wealth, financial planning, preference structures and models for asset allocation are combined to create an individually tailored plan for you.

  • Focus on goal attainment: You receive a plan that is designed for achieving your goals and delivering stable results

  • Individualised: The plan. approach allows for a completely individualised planning as it does not have to take the interests of banks and asset managers into account in any way

  • Basis for future decisions: plan. ultimately serves as a solid foundation and makes it a lot easier for you to make the right decisions in the future.


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